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Our Services

Water Supply

We offer Drinking water solutions for your day to day requirements. We ensure that you get clean and pure drinking water from the supply pipeline installed by our


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Lift-irrigation (1)
 Sewage Water

We strive to maintain excellence and sustainability in the provision of potable water and the safe disposal of wastewater to the satisfaction of our customers


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Lift Irrigation

Construction of dams and canals helped tremendously to increase the irrigated area lying at lower level than the dam level, but scarcity of water


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The Roads & Bridges construction services that we present are simply outstanding and well appreciated among the clients for its engineering value and a defined way of


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Electrical (1)
Electrical Substation

We have the necessary know-how and project experience for creating turnkey high-voltage installations. Depending on the job to be done, we take on responsibility


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_Instrumentation and Automation - revised
 Instrumentation and Automation

We deal in manufacturing and supply of Instrument control panels, Instrument automation, supply, erection & commissioning


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What We Do

Laxmi Civil Engineering is a pioneer in the field of construction and providing new age civil engineering solutions.

We have a finest blend of Architects, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical Engineers and Quantity Surveyors as the stamp of distinctive genius for clarity and precision in the projects we execute. The combination of the wide range of knowledge and experience in this field allows us for a creative and practical engineering solutions and implementations.

We have grown exponentially and have always maintained commitment to provide the best craftsmanship and level of expertise to meet our client’s requirements. With over three decades of experience and a list of lucrative projects, Laxmi Civil Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. is a name which is reckoned for quality, assurance, safety, reliability, timely services and engineering proficiency.

  •    Potable Water Supply Schemes including WTP.
  •    Sewage Treatment & Disposal
  •    Pipe Line Projects of MS/DI/DWC/PSC/GI/PVC/RCC/HDPE pipes
  •    ESR / GSR / MBR
  •    Pumping Machinery Installations
  •    Electrical Substation Installations
  •    Lift Irrigation Scheme
  •    Concrete barrages of large magnitude

Our Recent Projects

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