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Hiring process

Hiring process

LCEPL’s recruitment is based on the requirements of the business plan together with current operational demands. We use an effective, non-discriminatory and systematic method of recruiting and selecting the right people to fill the vacant positions.


Sourcing and Recruitment :

You can submit your CV to career@lcepl.com to apply for any position.

Selection :

In order to be considered for employment at LCEPL, applicants must meet all of the minimum position requirements related to education/training, certification and experience.  Knowledge and abilities are assessed at various different levels in the selection process. Technical skills are also evaluated to ensure that the applicant is the perfect fit for the company.

The interview is used primarily to gain additional information about the candidate regarding their education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities as well as assess the cultural fit. It provides an opportunity to the applicant to know more about the Company, his job, concerns, etc.

Reference Check :

We always conduct reference checks to verify information gathered through the selection process about candidates’ experience, work performance, academic performance and professional characteristics (e.g. dependability, initiative). We take up references as we feel appropriate and reserve the right to check all qualifications.


Appointment :

If found suitable, HR Department prepares and issues the Offer of appointment to the candidate after duly verification of all the mandatory documents required for placement. After the candidate accepts the offer, further proceedings are carried out towards satisfying the statutory requirements.


Joining :

We conduct an induction program for all our new employees within their first week of employment. It is a combination of general information about the Company its culture, purpose, structure, and process as well as specifics regarding the employee’s job role. HR Representative helps new member of the family to get acquainted with all facilities required for his/ her smooth functioning and explain all the relevant SOPs.

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